Sugar came to us in April of 2006. Her owners expressed they no longer could keep her. It was decided by both parties she should come live with us.   She was in poor health when returned to us. Thin and in pain we nursed her back to good health and got her weight back on. She is so very sweet, smart, silly, bouncy but very obedient she just wants to please you and to be loved. So we changed her name to Sugar it suited her well.




Sugar on guard and looking fabulous!



The Levitating Boxer
 She's quite the springy girl she loves to leap and spring in the air!


If you ever see me with Sugar come over and give her a big kiss she will return the favor x10!
This is one of the sweetest boxers ever! Everyone who meets her loves her.
The Big White Sug Sug!



She wasn't a champion, she wasn't cropped, she wasn't even the "right" color but what she was we will never forget. Big, beautiful, white, floppy eared and Full of Love.. she was our Sugar. We had to say goodbye to her yesterday. A day we will never forget. A very difficult day for us as we released her spirit to be free with out sickness or pain. We knew the day we got her back that she was on borrowed time. Being a fighter, she gave us 3 more wonderful years and touched everyone's heart that she met. To many, she was the favorite. Sugar loved unconditionally and I mean unconditionally. She would do whatever you asked of her... not for a cookie or because she was forced, no, she did it to please you. She would light up just to see you smile. She even helped our nephew through his absolute fear of dogs. She had that special way about her that drew people to her. She was playful yet gentle. She loved to puppy sit even when they were hanging on to her ears with those sharp teeth! Sugar loved to run! She would run with all her might with a big smile, ears and lips flapping in the wind. It would always make us laugh! We feel fortunate to have been able to share our lives with her even if it was for only a short time. It deeply hurts to have said goodbye to such a wonderful spirit like Sugar but she let us know it was time to go. Even with 5 others in our home, our house seems quiet today. We deeply miss her. You are forever in our hearts big girl.

Run Fast...Run Free .
We love you Sug Sug.  
With broken hearts,
Naomi and James
May 4, 2009


Candid shots of the dogs having fun!


Other Naja Boxers bred by us

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