Pictured at 12 years old!

Rocky ready for Football season!!!
Go Vikings!


A little poem I wrote about Rocky

Don't be fooled with those innocent eyes
Or he will catch you by surprise
Crafty and quick we should have named him Slick
He is always one step ahead of you
just to keep you on your toes
What he'll do next nobody knows
Tenacious and tough a Terrier through and through
Rocky you drive us NUTS but we still LOVE you!!


A fun day at the beach. Jack Russell's are very bold, adventurous, have a strong hunting drive. They are up for anything which what makes them fun, however, please keep your Jack safe when on your adventures by keep them on a lead or long line.

Rocky is the smartest dog we've ever owned. To smart for his own good sometimes. We've never seen a dog plot and plan things like he does. He never ceases to amaze us. He is VERY food motivated to say the least and he'd do just about any thing for it. This really helps in training. Rocky knows over 30 tricks/commands which he loves to perform for food of course. Rocky is like a little policeman in the house that goes around handing out tickets for improper behavior. He likes order not kaos. He goes bonkers at the JRT races and does really well too. Another one of his favorites is pulling me on my rollerblades. Believe it or not this little guy can actually pull me. There is a lot of dog in that little terrier package.

Rocky's interesting sleeping positions as a puppy.

Rocky is now 13 years old.

Candid shots of the dogs having fun!



Other Naja Boxers who do not live with us


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