I don't have any litters myself or plan to anytime in the near future but will be happy to refer
you to breeders in the area who may have puppies available.




For more information on referals Email najaboxers@msn.com



Ch.Naja's Mi-T Alliance Can/AmGCh.Mi-T's Believe It Or Not HIC Ch.Kimkar's Hi Tech Traveler SOM Ch.HiTech Johnny J of Boxerton,SOM,LOM
Ch.Kimkar's St.Car N'md Desire
Am/CanCh.Mi-T's Forever Love Can.Ch.Aracrest's Epic,SOMA/C
Ch.Mi-T's Mahogany Doll
Ch.Naja's Date With Destiny Am/CanCh.Summer's Dash Riprock SOMC Ch.Maxl's Golden Boy,SOM,LOM
CanCh.Berlane's Wild Thing Stella,CD,DOM
Mi-T's You're Still The One CanCh.Aracrest's Epic,SOMA/C
Am/CanCh.Mi-T's Bit of Black and Gold
Am/CanCh.Ringside's Chilly Willy @ Virgo Ch.Virgo's Market BoomerSOM Ch.Shieldmont's Let's Make A Deal SOM LOM Ch.Shieldmont's Judge 'N' JurySOM
Ch.Shieldmont's Haunting Haze
Ch.Virgo's Totally Awesome Ch.Merrilane's KnockoutSOM
Ch.Virgo's Moon ZapperDOM
Am/Can Intl Ch.Ringside's Beebop A Lula RN Ch.Draymia's Dances With Box-Sin Ch.JEMS Jack Of DiamondsSOM LOM
Ch.Draymia's Simmering Surprise
Ringside's Playing Trix Rinside's Night Rider
Rinside's Music Maker CD





Candid shots of the dogs having fun!



Other Naja Boxers bred by us


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