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Am/CanCh.Summer's Dash Riprock SOMC

AmCh.Maxl's Golden Boy,SOM

AmCh.Schoolmaster's Easter Noah SOM AmCh.Hollylane's Flamboyant CarlonSOM
AmCh.School's Simple Addition DOM
AmCh.Dreamweaver's Gold Lace O'MaxlCD,DOM AmCh.Rochil's Grande Marshall SOM
AmCh.Lucy's Gold Thread DOM

CanCh.Berlane's Wild Thing Stella CD,DOMC


AmCh.Bridgewood's B.K Kahuna SOM,LOM AmCh.Telstar's Good Time Charlie SOM
Gingers Gold'n Glow
Berlane's Just Causin Kaos DOM,LOMC AmCh.Rochil's Grande MarshallSOM
CanCh.Rayshar's Summer MagicCD,TT


Mi-T's You're Still The One




Can Ch. Aracrest's Epic SOMC,SOM


Can Ch. Doll Announces Veni
Vidi Vici SOMC,SOM
Can/Nor Ch. Mephisto's High Noon SOM
Nit Noi
Can Ch. Aracrest's Channel Am Ch. Heldenbrand's Jet Breaker SOM,LOM
Aracrest's Victorian Revival DOMC


Can/AmCh. Mi-T's Bit of Black and Gold dam of 3AMCH


Am. Ch Cayman's Black Bart SOM Am Ch. Vandown's Kings Fire Alert SOM
Am Ch. Caymans Sweet Nandi DOM
Mi-T's Little Bit of Gold Am Ch. Hancock's Klondike Gold
Linmars Vanilla Ice

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