These are just some pictures of the fur kids.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Apollo and his teddy


Mia at 5 years old




Tasha at 4 years old
This picture was taken at one of my favorite places to photograph.
They just built homes there so it is no longer.
 I'm glad I do have some photos of my own dogs there..


Apollo at 6 years old

Ya he's cute and he KNOWS IT!!!!


Sweet Puppy Dreams


From Left to right we have our lineup
Apollo "Megatron" Gibbs,  Shania " Ageless Wonder" Gibbs,  Mia "All Day" Gibbs,  Tasha "Queen of Smack" Gibbs ,  Dutch "Prime-time" Gibbs
and leading the pack  front and center Rocky " Silver Fox" Gibbs


James has been a huge Vikings fan since he was a child. Standing by them through highs and lows.
 Its only natural that his" fur" kids carry on the tradition!!!



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Candid shots of the dogs having fun!



Other Naja Boxers who do not live with us


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