Tasha loves carry her ball and follow behind Davin as he goes around the yard        

Rocky showing off those Pearly Whites!!




Squirrel Alert!!!


Apollo shows off his huge find!

        Of course it doesn't take long for everybody else to want it too!  

Up, Up and Away!!!

        Miss Nosey Tasha who came up to the camera at the last moment.
See the fawn ears and tail ! LOL

Shania shows her young daughter Mia she's still Got It!!
Just try and catch the Queen!!!


YEEEHAA!!! Mia having fun in the sprinklers

  One thing is for sure about owning Boxers......  You never have to sit alone on a couch EVER AGAIN! LOL  

Above:The Boys -Apollo in the back and visiting us Andy-Mi-T's Mr.Hotstuff in the front.


Tasha, Shania, Rocky and Mia all find their places.



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Candid shots of the dogs having fun!



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