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Alpine Boxers - WA Jenbur Boxers - IL Sonoqui Boxers - AZ
Aracrest Boxers-CAN Jinxx Boxers - NY Summer Boxers -CAN
Beacon Boxers-TX Jocar Boxers- PA Sunset Boxers - WA
Bella Boxers - WA LRM Boxers-WA Spellbound Boxers-TN
Bendi Boxers - CAN Marjack Boxers-VA Taj Classic Boxers-OR
Bowmak Boxers-CAN Mar-rocco Boxers-AZ TopRank Boxers-CAN
Cantemar Boxers - NC Maxl Boxers-OK Trails End Boxers-OR
DC Boxers-NY Mephisto Boxers-CAN Trillium Boxers - WA
Donoway Boxers-CAN Mi-T Boxers-OR Twin Lakes Boxers -WA
Dorado Boxers - CAN Pentastar Boxers-WA Wiseman Boxers - OR
Dornlea Boxers - OR Pheasant Hollow Boxers - NY  
Draymia Boxers-WA Pineridge Boxers - OR  
Dreamweaver Boxers - TX Renee's Boxers-OR  
Emerald Boxers-WA Rikar Boxers - CAN  
Espirit Boxers-CA RipnT Boxers - OR  
Everlast Boxers - WA River Ridge Boxers-WA  
Fanfare Boxers - CA Rocket Boxers - TX  
Hi Desert Boxers & Danes-OR Sanridge Boxers-OR  
Jestic Boxers -WA Shadigee Boxers- NY  
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American Boxer Club Baray Event Services Family Dog Training Center
American Kennel Club Kevin Rogers Dog Shows  
Oregon Boxer Club MBF Inc.  
Westminster Kennel Club Onofrio Dog Shows  
  Western Canadian Dog Shows  
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The Boxer Ring Cardiomyopathy  
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World Wide Boxer Northwest Cardiology Consultants -
 Dr Jerry Woodfield
Boxer Underground Cool Bred Canine Reproductive Services  
  Alba Medical (Holtering Services)  
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Candid shots of the dogs having fun!



Other Naja Boxers bred by us



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