Apollo says Size Does Matter!!!!


Apollo showing off his big stick




Bed Bugs


Two peas in a pod... Mother (Dolly) and Son (Apollo)






I think we need a bigger pool




Which is better basketball or football?


Rocky barking at the birds flying in HIS airspace




Hole? what hole? I was no where near the dirt!


Cornered!! One piece of food 5 beggars.




The boys just chillin'


Ok, this was just too funny not to put up!!




Pretty Girl


Silly Girl



A snowball in the face!!! Really! you thought that was funny??  

Shania eating snow cones :)




Come here baby mini


Ok you know what I'm thinking... I want one!




Whats up in that tree???


Maybe if I stay real still they will go away.



Rocky wins the race by a NOSE!!!!

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